Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mirror Coincidence: Ruby Slippers

I am working on a speech for my toastmasters club and I asked my husband for a title. He happened to be looking for his red shoes - so he gave me the title 'Ruby Slippers'. So I'm sitting in a meeting today where they're talking about a lipstick color - sure enough - it's called Red Ruby slippers. Just weird. Insignificant. But still weird.

Mirror Coincidence: Yoko Ono

What is it with Yoko Ono? I saw her name referenced on two different tv shows (ignored it). Then there was an article about the top magazine covers... some pic of her and john Lennon (rolling stone?) was named as the top cover. Then I heard on the radio today that she's selling some envelope on which John Lennon scribbled "Give peace a chance" for $250,000. I'm trying to ignore these. Why the sudden interest in her? Why is everyone talking about her?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Mirror Coincidence: Random Websites

Sometimes when I don't know what to write about or I'm feeling restless, I'll just randomly search for synchronicity to see what others are saying about it. Tonight the first website I came to had wedding pictures for a couple with the same first names as my husband and I. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

When you look for "meaning", you find it. That doesn't mean that it means anything.

There's an old Friends episode where Phoebe is trying to find commonalities with her birth mom and she says, "You like pizza? I like pizza too!!"

Is anyone out there?