Friday, December 31, 2010

Required Surfing: Spirituality and Practice

A friend just recently brought this website to my attention and i liked it so much that I wanted to write about it. while it is not directly about synchronicities, it is about creating spritual practices in everyday living.

I especially like the quotations and the mantras for different spiritual practices like silence, transformation, presence, hope....

Additionally the website is easy to navigate and not ad intrusive. It is my new daily favorite (yes.... I like it THAT much).

and If you like my blog you will love this website.

Mirror synchronicity: i was just thinking of you!

A type of mirror synchronicity that happens frequently to many people is to call someone and hear them exclaim "I was just going to call you!" or "I was just thinking about you." For the caller the synchronicity is not easily seen....we have to take their word that they were in fact just thinking of us. Last May when i had heightened sense of awareness and sensitivity to the universe and its Power, i saw every interaction as an intentional Communication in the right time at the right place with the right people. Somewhere along the way i had lost that assured feeling that things are the way they are supposed to be. Now, in the last several days I have returned to my belief in the purposive nature of the small coincidences. I have been attempting meditation more frequently which may have led to my feelings of connectedness. In the past two days i have heard 3 times the declaration that i called at just that time when the other was thinking of me. I don't think of it as any special skill on my part but rather maybe a small sign that I am now realigning with the universe. I hope.