Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Synchronicity: North Dakota

North Dakota is a random state that you don't usually hear mentioned very often. Two people brought up North Dakota to me in two separate conversations last week. First, a co-worker who has been to 44 states in the country said, "Just because I've never been to North Dakota, that doesn't mean I want to go there."

Then I was at a conference with Dave Barry as a guest speaker and he spoke for several minutes about North Dakota. There's a long history with him and that state.

Small World: The odd exchange student

My friend Dave was as an exchange student in Norway and the host family told him that the previous guy who lived with them was really strange. We'll call the strange one 'Bill'.

Two or three years later, Dave was at a party in Wisconsin and saw a guy wearing a Norweigan jacket. Dave approached the guy who was quite proud of his time spent in Norway and after a few minutes Dave found out it was the same guy.

Random Poem Generator

So I'm lame and I was having trouble submitting something to a mother-in-law's birthday scrapbook and I googled 'poem generator' and came across this website that can generate a poem from any website. Boundless possibilities. Synchronistic, maybe not, but still cool.

The poem I generated:

Follow the
first place, I
brought it off, the
Wizard of text that I was in it all,
what would that means we
were to keep a a:
day. I was the couch
I believe that I heard his as you think
Google News Postsecret a to you.
guessed it was websurfing
and not sure how
to keep a friend who
lost it.
in awe of the woman I
sitting on blog
for lost it, all, the same
company but no
necklace. Since I love.