Monday, March 16, 2009

Mirror Synchronicity:The Seventh Sense PART II

It is very unusual for me to have two synchronicities in one day.  Though I've read a lot about metaphysical stuff, I have not often seen reference to the 'Seventh Sense'.  Well, if you read my previous blog post about the Seventh Sense book that I just bought today, I just had another synchronicity regarding that book. I was looking for an astrological forecast booklet that I have on my bookshelf somewhere and I came across another booklet called, "The Reality Behind the Seven Senses" by Carley Dawson.  I do not recognize it AT ALL.  It's like it just appeared.  I don't know whether it fell out of another book or what, but it does not look familiar to me.  It is weird that I would find it right after my other synchronicity. Guess I should read it too!

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Gustav said...

Cool! Check this out,
I just read that article directly before reading these, lol, gotta love it...