Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Directional Synchronicity: happy accident

I recently bought a very tiny computer that weighs 2lbs. it's great for surfing the web and checking email in front of the tv. Unfortunately, the keyboard is tiny too. I use Google email and fat fingered when was trying to delete an email. Suddenly this website came up. http://www.philosophyworks.org/content/meditation.

In hindsight I realized that I clicked accidentally on the adwords.

The quote on the page that caught my eye was this, "In order to be what we are, we have to come out of what we are not." This completely applies to my life right now because I am in the process of switching careers but I haven't been able to fully let go of the baggage of my old job and life. This quote is another reminder that I need to make space for my new life by purging the mental and literal baggage and stuff from my old. Anyone need any SAS books? ha ha!

Mirror Coincidence: Co-mingle

I was watching a fictional show on television and I don't remember the context, but the actor used the word, "co-mingle" which I haven't heard a lot and I thought that was an unusual word. Within a couple of hours I was watching a DVD of another show and they used the word co-mingle again.

Now my husband would say it's absolutely ridiculous for me to write about this, but he doesn't believe in synchronicities anyways. Whatever... I just thought it was interesting because I don't hear that word a lot and then suddenly I heard it twice.

Hmmmm.... Does it mean I have co-mingling to do in my future?

from http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/co-mingle
to co-mingle (third-person singular simple present co-mingles, present participle co-mingling, simple past and past participle co-mingled)
(intransitive) To mingle with others; to cause to become mingled.
Dictionary editors disagree about the degree to which words should co-mingle.
(transitive) To mix.
Funds for different purposes are not to be co-mingled.

Mirror Synchronicity: Universal Light Expo

I was at a metaphysical bookstore looking at Chakra jewelry because my cat stole my necklace and I wasn't happy with the selection. The clerk suggested that I might find what I was looking for at the upcoming Universal Light Expo (http://www.universeexpo.com/). She showed me a newspaper advertising the expo and I asked if she had any coupons. She mentioned there was a $1 off in the paper. When I got home though, I had a postcard coupon in the mail. Ask the universe and it shall be granted!

Mirror Synchronicity: Two Postcard Day

I am an active tweeter on Twitter. http://twitter.com/ (not under this name). Yesterday I was thinking that I hadn't tweeted in a while but I didn't want to tweet something random and boring. I thought that the type of thing I would like to tweet is when it's a 'two postcard day'... meaning I received two postcards in the mail. Sure enough, I walked out to the mailbox not 10 minutes later to find two postcards. Yippeee... Yes, I tweeted!