Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mirror Coincidence: Thinking of You

Now these happen all the time, but I still think they're neat...

I was at a conference in Chicago and I met a mutual acquaintance of a friend of mine who had moved away. I hadn't thought about her in months, but running into someone that I knew she knew made me think of her and I decided to write her a postcard. As it turned out, when I checked my messages at home, she had called me that same day.

I ran into the ex boyfriend of one of my good friends. They were two young and it just didn't work out at the time, but they've both been fond of each other. He told me to say hi to her and when I told her she remarked that for some reason she had just been thinking about him recently.

Signs: Can you spare a dime?

As told to me by my friend Amy:
"On the 4th of July I saw my cousin who I hadn't seen in while. Her dad, my uncle died last year. Now there's something you need to know about my uncle. He was obsessed with money. He was always picking up spare change. My cousin said in the year after he died, she finds dimes everywhere. Not pennies (those would've been insignificant for him) and not nickels or quarters. She has a jar where she keeps them all. I came into work, and I found this random dime on my office floor. Could be nothing... but it was weird."

Not one hour after Amy told me this story, I found a single dime in my sweater pocket. Now I bet after reading this - you'll find dimes too. Is it a 'sign'? Who knows. If it stops and makes you remember someone - isn't that all that matters anyway?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Mirror Coincidence: hiccup!

So maybe this isn't meaningful, but funny when it happened all the same...

I was reading a trivia book and got the hiccups, not two hiccups later, I turn the page to find an article about hiccups.

Mirror versus Directional Synchronicity

Some of you may be wondering what I mean by mirror or directional synchronicities. I'm still learning myself, but this is what I've gathered:

A mirror synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence where something happens to mirror what you have recently been thinking about, or mirror something else that has happened at the same time. The two seemingly seperate acts or thoughts reflect each other. These examples are plentiful, as you can see in my other posts.

Directional Synchronicity is a coincidence in which it seems that nature is guiding you one way. "A sign from above", so to speak. One of my favorite movies about this is Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

Mirror Coincidence: The windows are locked

This one was contributed by my friend Dawn:

During my time off from work, I've been reading Stephen King's Salem's Lot. Good book by the way. Anyway, I took my car into the dealership this morning for some work and they have a picnic table outside under some trees and it was a beautiful morning, so I sat out there and read while I waited. I got to a part in the book where one of the characters was telling another to lock the windows. Just as I read that line, a man walked by and called to someone in the garage "the windows are locked".

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Mirror Coincidence: Hudson Hotel

I was in New York last week and heard from three different acquaintances how cool the Hudson hotel is. Never mind that there is absolutely no space and that it costs more than more spacious hotels, these people couldn't stop raving. I dunno - I'm not the type to pay for "Hip" but apparently some are.