Monday, October 03, 2011

Mirror Synchronicity: Paul

Another writing project that I have been working on for a long time is The Downside of Dream Jobs. It is a series of interviews with people who have dream jobs and asking for them to talk about the realistic parts of their jobs that the public might not have imagined. I had been working on the book for 5 years and had collected a lot of really cool interviews but could never get myself to finish it because I kept wanting to collect more interviews. Thanks to a friend's suggestion, I decided to release the individual interviews as ebook singles.

There is a synchronicity in here, I swear!

The third ebook that I am finalizing right now is The Downside of Dream Jobs: Upset Recovery Flight Instructor.

So I noticed as I was working on them that the interviewee of my second book (Sportscaster) and the interviewee of the third one (Flight Instructor) were both named Paul.


Alex, the interviewee of the first ebook (Video Game Tester), contacted me and asked me to change the name of one of his coworkers in the interview, because it might be embarrassing for that person. It doesn't change the value of the story, so I was fine with that. I asked him to pick the pseudonym because I did not want to inadvertently choose the name of another co-worker.

He wrote me back and asked for me to use the name "Paul"! So now the first three singles that I've released all have a "Paul" in them. Funny little synchro.