Monday, March 16, 2009

Mirror Synchronicity:The Seventh Sense PART II

It is very unusual for me to have two synchronicities in one day.  Though I've read a lot about metaphysical stuff, I have not often seen reference to the 'Seventh Sense'.  Well, if you read my previous blog post about the Seventh Sense book that I just bought today, I just had another synchronicity regarding that book. I was looking for an astrological forecast booklet that I have on my bookshelf somewhere and I came across another booklet called, "The Reality Behind the Seven Senses" by Carley Dawson.  I do not recognize it AT ALL.  It's like it just appeared.  I don't know whether it fell out of another book or what, but it does not look familiar to me.  It is weird that I would find it right after my other synchronicity. Guess I should read it too!

Mirror Synchronicity: The Seventh Sense by TJ MacGregor

TJ had left a comment on a previous blog post and I discovered that TJ was a writer. I wanted to read one of her books and asked which one she recommended me to start with first (she said "Kill Time". Well, I read that most of the reviews were positive but one reader said it wasn't like her 'typical' books, so I wanted to find one of those typical books. The first one I clicked on was The Seventh Sense. In the Amazon description, it says that the main character was driving after drinking and gets into a car accident. This past weekend, I just spent 42 hours listening to DUI lectures as a social work intern (no, I did not get a DUI). What an odd coincidence. I bought both books, of course!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Directional Synchronicity: What should I do?

This story is from a friend of mine who has an interest in synchronicities and knows about my blog.  I think it's a great example of a directional synchronicity:

I was selling a lot of vintage wrapping paper on eBay when a potential buyer e-mailed me and asked if I would just sell her one particular piece in the lot. I agreed and took notice of her unusual e-mail address. I looked up the last part of her e-mail address and found that she has a website & blog ...she is a creative crafter, artist and inventor. I was inspired by her colorful website and arts & crafts and was again reminded of how I need to get back to my creative & artistic side...not to mention that I need to get back to school...and that my perfect job would be an art teacher. I then told Andy about my eBay buyer and her website...that is was cool that an inventor/artist/super creative person purchased something from me that inspired her.
It made me begin to think about that art teacher job and getting back to school. So, I started that whole process, quickly trying to find what school I could into the fastest....ultimately finding that Otterbein was a great fit. They offer a post baccalaureate program that would lead to a teaching licensure for Art grades K-12. I prefer to enter a master's program and found that they offer a master's degree program for people with bachelor's degrees in a field other than teaching and who are seeking teaching licensure. The only problem is that it would certify me to teach grades 4-9 and I have to pick two of the four subject areas to focus on: social studies, math, science and language arts. Obviously, you see Art is not one of the options. :(
So, I met with the admissions counselor and after reviewing all options, agreed that it made the most sense, as my practical side was coming out, to enter the master's program because...finding a job after graduation would be a lot easier than finding an art teacher position....and even IF I did find a position teaching art, it would be one of the first to be cut in the event of downsizing. From monetary, time commitment, and job security and practicality standpoints, it makes the most sense for me to enter the master's program. And, I will still be making a difference in the world. I chose science and language arts as my two subject matter areas.
Now, how does this all tie in to where I are asking? Well, my Aunt had given me a large number of magazines that she thought I might get some design inspiration from. They have been sitting in the garage since last October. Andy finally told me that I needed to do something with them so I looked on eBay to see if I could sell some of them in lots. My Aunt could definitely use the extra cash and Andy would be happy with them out of the garage. After sorting through them, I created a few eBay listings of what I thought would sell. I listed those on Sunday and I received a question on one of the lots that required me to look through a few specific magazines in the lot to answer.
As I was looking through one of the magazines from April/May 2008, I found a whole spread that featured the artist that had purchased the wrapping paper from me just a few weeks ago.
I just thought it was really odd as I had never had a chance to look through the magazines and then just becasue I was asked a specific question from a fellow eBayer that required me to look through the magazines in order to answer his question....I stumble upon an article about an artist that had purchased from me and inspired me to get creative again. I never would have looked through those magazines as I hadn't taken the time before...and Andy just wanted to put them in the recycle bin.
Is this another sign that I should be pursuing the art teaching cedrtification? Or should I continue with the master's program and just start making time to create art again?

Mirror Synchronicity: Frida

Last week on facebook, a friend of mine sent me 'flair' with Frida's face on it.  Coincidentally, the Alumni association at my school is showing Frida this Friday and heavily promoting the event.  My friend had no way of knowing that Frida was already on my mind!