Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Directional Synchronicity: Connections

At the Erma Bombeck Conference I went to last week, I went to a class on storytelling (how appropriate!). I wanted to talk to the instructor afterwards but she had a line of people. Since the class was right before lunch, I asked if she wanted to sit together for lunch and she said yes. I had previously agreed to meet up with another friend of mine, but he was running late, so I saved him a seat across from me. About halfway through the lunch, the instructor and my friend both looked at each other and recognized they went to college together, some 15 years earlier. My friend had been good friends with the instructor's sister and they ended up spending the rest of the day catching up. And to think - it was me who reconnected them!!

Directional Synchronicity: Pick Me!

At the Erma Bombeck conference last week, there was a class on writing greeting cards hosted by people from American Greetings. At the end of the class they had a drawing for gift bags. They gave out two prizes and when they drew the raffle ticket for the third prize no one had the number. A woman in the audience said we could just pretend it was her and give her the prize and the guy drawing said "no" and drew another number.

And of course, the next number he drew was legitimately her number. It was weird.

Mirror Synchronicity: Greeting Card Writer

I was at the Erma Bombeck writer's conference in Dayton last week and one evening the guest speakers were Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda of Blame Society Productions. They showed a video clip of a youtube spoof they did called Greeting Card Writer. I think it was especially funny because the audience all identified with the character's 'inspiration.' After their speech was over, a man stood up in the audience and said he was a greeting card writer and they had used one of his greeting cards in the video and he was very touched. He was quite emotional... It was weird because of the hundreds of thousands of greeting cards out there, what are the odds? He then said that everyone watched it at his greeting card office and the lawyers would be calling soon. The speakers weren't sure if that was a joke or not!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Synchronicity: The Wonder Stuff

This is from a friend of mine:

Back in the early nineties in London, me and my mate John were big fans of UK band The Wonder Stuff and we saw them play live on a number of occasions, they were our favorite band. John is flying over to visit me in Columbus later this month, and who should be playing a tiny little one-off acoustic gig that week? At Bernie's, of all places? Miles Hunt, lead singer of the Wonder Stuff. Don't know if that counts but at the very least it's a hell of a coincidence.