Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mirror Synchronicity: Bigfoot is Dead

There was a news article today on the CNN website about a man who dressed in one of this military camouflage outfits and walked along a road in the dark with attempts to incite people to think they had seen Bigfoot.  Unfortunately, he was walking in the road and was hit by one car and run over by another.

The synchronicity for me was that today when my husband came home from work, he suggested that we cancel our trip to Portland, Maine - the home of the Bigfoot museum.  We cancelled because it looks like Hurricane Isaac will be coming through our town just in time to mess up flights.  On top of that, it also looks like the hurricane might head east.  Lighthouses would not be as much fun to photograph in the rain.  So I won't get to check out the Bigfoot museum after all.

Note that this continues with the Bigfoot synchronicities I posted here and here.  Now that Bigfoot is dead, I suppose the synchronicities will stop.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Mirror Synchronicity: The Big Bluff

In THREE different television shows I watched in two days, the same 'trick' was used to convince someone to confess to something.  In each show, it was the climax of the storyline. (Warning, this does contain "spoilers" for the shows.)

Show 1:  Suits Episode "High Noon" (#S210)

Harvey and Mike found out that the head of their law firm, Hardman, had planted evidence. They found someone else to admit it, but he wouldn't put it in writing. They walked in the room and told the story as if they had the person's signature in the folder. Hardman gave in without ever looking in the folder. Harvey admonished Mike for forgery, but Mike said he had signed his own name. "No one looks at a man's shoes."

Show 2:  Drop Dead Diva Episode "Pick's and Pakes" Season 4 Episode 12

The lead character Jane is co-counsel with another lawyer on a pharmaceutical case. The other lawyer made a statement without evidence to back it up and Jane panicked that they were going to lose the case. Then she remembered that he had previously won a trial by just suggesting that they had evidence so she tried the same trick. She had a folder in her hand and was questioning a witness. The witness panicked and pleaded the 5th and Jane won the case. She then looked inside the folder at a blank piece of paper.

Show 3:  Newsroom Episode 10 "The Greater Fool"
Excerpted from the episode guide "In a meeting with Reese and Leona, Will cops to being high on the air. Leona immediately fires him, but Charlie and Mac reveal that Reese only knows about this because he's been hacking phones. Charlie produces an envelope he received from Hancock to prove it. Leona looks to her son incredulously, and Reese admits he's been committing a felony, if only to stay afloat in a competitive market. After producing a tape recorder, Charlie agrees not to bring forth the evidence in exchange for TMI killing the story about Will, and AWM killing TMI. And they're going after the Tea Party-hard. When Leona tells Charlie she doesn't negotiate this way, Charlie assures her it's no negotiation. Before he leaves, Leona shares some advice for Will, "Don't shoot and miss." She opens the envelope from Hancock and finds a recipe for beef stew."

Note this is the second time I have had a synchronicity with Newsroom and also the second time for a synchronicity with Drop Dead Diva.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mirror Synchronicity: Bigfoot is still out there

My first post on Bigfoot synchronicities was just over two weeks ago. Strangely, the Bigfoot references keep coming. I am not seeking them out!

The character on Newsroom who is obsessed with Bigfoot brought him up in a 2nd episode.

Last night I watched a true crime television show that was set in Murphysboro, Illinois.  They apparently have a mud monster that they explained to be "like Bigfoot".

Then today I was watching an Ellen rerun. She interviewd Matt LeBlanc, and on the show he revealed he was a big fan of Finding Bigfoot.  As a surprise, Ellen gave him a Bigfoot statue.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Mirror Synchronicity: Body Disposition Court Cases in Pop Culture

(yes, I watch too much television, probably.)

There were two different television shows within a few weeks of each other that depicted court cases where two different parties were fighting over rights to the body of a loved one. 

Curious - does anyone know if this happens often? It's weird that two different writers would have the idea of dispute of body disposition. Was there something in real life that inspired these?

Franklin & Bash - Season 2, Episode 8 (on TNT) Last Dance
Peter and Jared help a widow (Anne Ramsay) retain the body of her esteemed late husband from being awkwardly immortalized as a dancer in a human body exhibit.

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime) Season 4, Episode 9 : Ashes to Ashes
Airs Sunday, August 5, 2012: Jane is ready to put Owen behind her when she takes on a case with Grayson defending a woman who is addicted to eating her dead husband's ashes.

Mirror Synchronicity: Bigfoot

It all started when I was planning my 10th anniversary honeymoon. I was looking at places in New England and when I discovered that Portland Maine had a Bigfoot museum, I was hooked.

While you might think this is a weird way to spend a honeymoon, my husband and I both enjoy random campy museums and tourist spots. I might enjoy them more than he does, but he enjoys my happiness. We have been to the alien museum in Roswell, New Mexico. We've been through the Winchester Mystery House tour. He even tolerated my ghost-hunting at the Whaley House in San Diego.  So why not Bigfoot?

It was not long after I booked the trip that the Bigfoot synchronicities started happening. At first I ignored them because I thought I was just paying attention more, but then when I got to 4 different "Bigfoot" sightings then I decided there was definitely something synchronous going on.

The first reference didn't happen until 2 weeks after I booked my trip. I had been thinking about the trip, but at this point the Bigfoot reference was not a synchronicity to me. Here is the Bigfoot scene in the HBO series Newsroom.  This was a huge reference.

Then in a matter of a day, another show I watch had two characters in conversation about Bigfoot. I can't remember which show it was (either Suits or Franklin and Bash). Then I was flipping through the channels and came across a Bigfoot hunting show. Then the final synchronicity was when a former professor posted this cartoon on his Facebook page and it came through my news feed. This was the final synchronicity that made me laugh out loud.