Thursday, July 03, 2014

Mirror Synchronicity: Jesus is calling

I was visiting a hospice client with late stage dementia, and I noticed the caregiver had several books lying around.  We started talking about the books he had been reading and he mentioned that he had received the Jesus Calling book from a nurse of ours.  He said he found it to be incredible helpful and inspiring.  I made a note of it.

I went to visit my next client who has a very similar condition to the first client.  I thought about how similar their conditions were and also that they both had the same first name.  The son had music playing next to the client's ear on an IPOD.  The last time I had been to the house he had 50's music on the player, but on this day it was gospel music.  Imagine my surprise when, after only being there a few minutes, there was an Alan Jackson song with the lyrics "Jesus Calling."

I was SO struck by the synchronicity that I had to pause for a moment and acknowledge the coincidence.  The son told me the name of the song and I made a note of it.  He then said, Wouldn't it be funny if the phone rang right now?"

It didn't.  But that would have been freaky.