Saturday, March 06, 2010

Transitions: A child's question

Though I originally created this blog to talk about synchronicities, I have decided that I cannot pass up also sharing the stories I encounter related to my new position as a hospice social worker. It's touchy because my code of ethics requires complete confidentiality, therefore, I will have to limit the identities to only vague references. Still, these stories need to be told. Some will be death bed visions and others will be messages from beyond. I'm calling this new section "Transitions".

As told to me by an eyewitness:
Grandpa had a peaceful death. The whole family was there and just a day before he was able to give the thumbs up as if to say, "don't worry about me." The day after "grandpa" died, his 4 year old grandson asked, "So grandpa's in heaven now?" and his aunt said, "yes, grandpa is in heaven." The child then pointed to the corner and replied, "So why is he standing over there?"