Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mirror Synchronicity: Breakfast wish

I was sitting on a plane during a stopover flipping through a magazine and chatting with the flight attendent. I came across an ad for some new kind of Fig Newton crispy thing and I remarked to her that it looked good and asked if she had tried them. A little embarrassed that I was making small talk about food ads, I explained that I hadnt eaten breakfast. Then an hour later when they were walking down the aisles passing out the snacks, the flight attendent said, "here is your breakfast" as a joke as she put the snack down. She did not make the connection that she put in front of me the very item I was admiring from the magazine!

Directional Synchronicity: Special Day

This happened at the beginning of this month so I am little delayed in posting. Today I presented a personal story about my Shared Death experience from last year (which i blogged about when it happened) at the Association for Death Education conference in Miami. Because the story was about my aunt who died I needed to have pictures of her to illustrate the presentation. i sent my uncle an email and asked him for the pictures and he said he would look for them but it might take a while before he could get to it as he was preparing for an international trip. Well, a week went by and he hadnt sent them and I was anxious to get everything together so I emailed him and asked if i could drive up to his house (2 hours away) and look through them myself. He said that was fine and gave me several dates to chose from.

The day I chose was a monday because I thought the sooner the better. He had the stacks of albums out waiting when I got there and we had a great time looking through the pictures and reminiscing. Several hours into it he said, "do you realize today would have been our 52nd wedding anniversary?". I really hadn't known that. He said that my being there was helpful so he didnt have to be alone with his thoughts of loss. Was it coincidence? Synchronicity? Or was I guided? I'd like to think my aunt had nudged me to contact him and pick that date.