Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mirror Synchronicity: Breakfast wish

I was sitting on a plane during a stopover flipping through a magazine and chatting with the flight attendent. I came across an ad for some new kind of Fig Newton crispy thing and I remarked to her that it looked good and asked if she had tried them. A little embarrassed that I was making small talk about food ads, I explained that I hadnt eaten breakfast. Then an hour later when they were walking down the aisles passing out the snacks, the flight attendent said, "here is your breakfast" as a joke as she put the snack down. She did not make the connection that she put in front of me the very item I was admiring from the magazine!


Elizabeth said...

You got what you wished for fairly quickly!!!!

Trish said...

Oh, good one!!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"Fig Newton crispy thing"
Maybe you should go here

and read the comment I made about the Fig as some kind of synchronistic message for people who had a fig synchro,
as I got the feeling I had to share this message with other people who had a similar fig synchro.

P.S. I only placed that comment on that UFO post because that was the latest post at the time,the following post would have fit the theme better,as it was from the book that I was reading at the time,which was written by the blog authors.

Cheers / Daz