Saturday, May 22, 2010

God is watching

As you may see from previous posts, my aunt just passed away. My cousin, her oldest daughter, received a condolescences from a friend in England who also happens to be psychic. The friend mentioned that my aunt was buried with a cross. My cousin, JL said no - there was no cross. The psychic friend felt pretty strongly about it, so my cousin and the friend brainstormed and came to the conclusion that one of her nephews might have been praying the rosary.

My cousin told me the story about the conversation with the psychic and I relayed it to my dad. As I was telling him the story he suddenly he had a very guilty look on his face. DAD what did you do? I asked. He sheepishly admitted that he had put a tiny penny cross in the casket when no one was looking. I told him that he was BUSTED, and that GOD is always watching.

We all got a kick out of the idea that he got 'caught' slipping a cross into his baby sister's casket.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Required Reading: 7 Secrets of Synchronicity

Well, if you're reading this website it's because you have some kind of interest in synchronicities. I would be remiss if I did not shout from the rooftops in joy that Trish and Rob MacGregor's new book on synchronicities just came out:

I just got it in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to read it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mirror Synchronicity: Honor thy family

There are a lot of May birthdays in my family. My mother in law's birthday is May 2. My father in law's birthday is May 13 and my husband and I both have birthdays on May 15. My husband's sister was pregnant and due on May 13, which would be an honor for the grandchild to share a birthday with his grandfather. However, since my husband and I both have May 15 birthdays, we were hoping the baby would be a little 'late'. He sure was. May 13 came and went.

An inducement was scheduled for May 16. Why couldn't the doctor have made it May 15, I asked? (a bit selfishly). Well, no matter. We got the call on the morning of our birthday that my husband's sister was in labor. We send lots of positive 'push' energy.

Now here's the cute part... the baby was born on OUR birthday, but at 5:13 p.m... still honoring the grandfather after all!!

Friday, May 07, 2010

A new soul learns about time

This isn't really a synchronicity but rather an observation from the past two weeks. I did not know if it was day or night, what time it was or what day of the week it was. I have heard that is what heaven is like. I never understood how that could be possible to not have any sense of time until now.

And yes, as a social work grad student studying mental health issues, I do realize that some of these things I am saying might categorically put me into the DSM...but I can assure you, I have a grasp of time now. :)

A new soul experiences the other side

From the time my aunt was in the hospital I started sensing presence. I never could see shapes, but I would see movement and sparks and just KNOW that others were there. Several times, I would see something and not comment and then my cousin would comment and then my aunt also was looking in the same direction.

When my aunt was out of the hospital and back in an Alzheimer's facility, I sensed a very strong spirit in one place. My cousin sensed it too and we decided to close our eyes and meditate on it to see if we could tell who it was. Not more than 10 seconds later, my cousin laughs out loud. I hushed her and told her it takes me a little longer than that to check in and I continued to meditate. Well if you read my other post about the colors, you'll understand how I knew who it was. I opened my eyes and asked my cousin why she was laughing. She had experienced her first auditory message ever and it was our grandmother telling her to let me figure it out for myself. I did figure it out and it was my uncle's brother who passed several years ago. It made sense in hindsight and also was later confirmed because he was on a lot of people's thoughts.

One time I was trying to go to sleep and I heard like 5 people whispering to my aunt from the other side. Interestingly, one of them had a voice similar to one of my cousin's.

Another time when my cousin and I were trying to go to sleep we started getting freaked out by all of the movement. Even though we knew we were surrounded by loved ones, it was still startling. The door rattled a lot, among other things.

Ultimately, I acknowledge that one needs to be careful what one wishes for, because I did wish for this. It's comforting and unsettling at the same time. When people say you are never alone, they're right. You are NEVER alone.

A new soul experiences someone else's life review

The life review took place over two evenings that I was included in. The first night as I was trying to go to sleep, I saw the colors and then I saw an image of an amusement park ride that went in circles. It had vibrant colors. The following day, I asked my cousin if they ever went to amusement parks and she said yes, but that her mom did not like the roller coasters but rather the twirly rides. My cousin told me my aunt liked to giggle on the twirly rides.

I approached my uncle and mentioned the amusement park memory and it sparked for him a whole series of memories that he might not have recalled at that time on his own. They were happy memories and I think it was a gift for him to know she was reminiscing too.

The following night I saw a bunch of buildings, including the vision of the one house I recognized.

The saddest vision for me was my aunt and uncle's wedding day because I felt such sorrow that she had to go. It was as if I could feel her emotions and her love for him and her regret that she had to leave. I was bawling. She also showed me a picture of them with my mom and dad and mentioned that 'we're all here right now' which REALLY made me cry because my mom is on the other side.

On a lighter note, I also had a very vivid picture of guys and girls riding in a red convertible with the top down having quite a bit of fun... "up to no good" as I felt like describing it. Now remember, I have never had 'visions' before, so I wasn't quite sure if it was real or a dream, but I described it to my uncle. He got a big smile on his face and remembered a double date with his brother where they were all riding around in a red convertible, just like I had described. It was weird for me to report to him everything I saw, and I sensed it was unsettling a little bit to him as well, so we agreed that I would save any other memories for after my aunt passed.

A new soul takes a trip to the other side

This actually makes me laugh a little bit. When my aunt was in the hospital and I was meditating, I saw a doorway. In my head I got the message that The door is open, but there is no rush, take your time. What a pleasant vision!

Another time, I had my eyes closed and we went through all the colors and we went through the light and ended up in the room. We left the body and hung out at the ceiling for a bit and then returned to the body. Then we left the body and hung out a bit looking at the room down below. Then the room faded to white and I saw all of the people again. I felt her panic like No I'm not ready! and then I was immediately awakened.

A few days later, when my aunt was doing her life review (more on that later), I saw about 30-40 people in the backyard of her childhood home. They were patiently waiting on her. How peaceful and comforting that she was going to have such a big reception party!

Then a few hours or days later (time is really distorted over the past 2 weeks), I saw the same crowd in the backyard and they were all pulling up chairs. I heard the message and perhaps a soft sigh that said, This is going to take a while. I had no idea at that time how long "a while" would be.

A new soul experiences physical pain

This is the coolest and scariest ability I think. While my aunt was still in the hospital, I started to feel physically what she felt. Because she was late-stage Alzheimer's disease, she was unable to articulate when she was in pain. I felt all her symptoms. I didn't have to be in the room but could be down the hallway or in another city and I would know when she was hurting. I felt shortness of breath, lightheadnesses, heart pain, shoulder pain, numbness and tingling, choking... Very weird. My cousin and I worked out a system where if I wasn't present, I would text her with my physical pains and she would see if she could validate it. She was the only one who believed me, so telling anyone else was pointless. I remember lying in bed at my home two hours away and feeling a shoulder pain. Because this is new for me, I don't know sometimes whether it is me or whether it is her, but it was so random, I assumed it was her. I found out the next day that was the time where she was positioned uncomfortably on that side and my cousin was not surprised that she had been in pain.

This is where I began to worry what it would feel like when she died. As I write this, two weeks later, she has not passed yet.

A new soul experiences the colors

Praying by my aunt's bedside, I started to see swirling circles of color in my head. The colors were more vibrant than anything I have ever seen on this earth... I can't even explain them. I started to notice that as different people in the room talked to my aunt, the colors would change. I then noticed that the colors were relatively consistent with the people. My uncle was navy blue, my cousin Lynn, turquoise. Every time the grandchildren came in the room I saw little red hearts. The colors were so consistent that I could tell who was walking in the room even with my eyes closed. My cousin C. had green, but for her, I sensed it wasn't her color but rather her mother (who was dying) was trying to send her healing energy.

So now what? It still feels like a parlor trick. What do I do with this newfound knowledge?

A new soul has a new experience

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I have not ever claimed to have any psychic abilities. At best, I would have described myself as empathetic. Well, something happened 2 weeks ago today and my crown chakra must have exploded open or something because I am now sensing and feeling things I have never felt before. I believe the catalyst was when a very dear aunt with end-stage Alzheimer's went to the E.R. in Cleveland. Almost from the first night I was there, this new sense of the world opened up.

The very first thing that happened was when I was sitting by her bedside with my eyes closed, I felt swaying as if I was on a boat. I found myself swaying back and forth, back and forth. I then felt drawn upward as if someone was pulling me up out of my body but then I would always come back down. The rocking continued. It was a rather strong feeling of not being in control, which was unsettling, but it was peaceful.

Mirror Synchronicity: Beyond the Sunset - Part II

When I was preparing for the conference I was talking about my research to a co-worker who was practicing hymns that she was going to play for a patient. I told her that "Beyond the Sunset" was the most common epitaph that I had found and that I discovered it was a hymn. She said she had never heard of it and went to her book to look it up. The page opened up to the Beyond the Sunset hymn.

If you would like to hear the tune, I've selected a Pat Boone version especially for you here:

Mirror Coincidence: Beyond the Sunset - Part 1

Last summer I sent a proposal to a conference for cemetery research that I was conducting. My research team collect epitaphs from local cemeteries to look for changes in attitudes towards death.
I had to submit my conference proposal before we had collected the data. I wanted a catchy title, so I called it "Beyond the Sunset: What the epitaphs Tell Us about Changing Attitudes Towards Death in the 20th Century."

Later when we finished our research, I learned that Beyond the Sunset was the most popular epitaph for all of the epitaphs we collected!