Friday, May 07, 2010

A new soul experiences physical pain

This is the coolest and scariest ability I think. While my aunt was still in the hospital, I started to feel physically what she felt. Because she was late-stage Alzheimer's disease, she was unable to articulate when she was in pain. I felt all her symptoms. I didn't have to be in the room but could be down the hallway or in another city and I would know when she was hurting. I felt shortness of breath, lightheadnesses, heart pain, shoulder pain, numbness and tingling, choking... Very weird. My cousin and I worked out a system where if I wasn't present, I would text her with my physical pains and she would see if she could validate it. She was the only one who believed me, so telling anyone else was pointless. I remember lying in bed at my home two hours away and feeling a shoulder pain. Because this is new for me, I don't know sometimes whether it is me or whether it is her, but it was so random, I assumed it was her. I found out the next day that was the time where she was positioned uncomfortably on that side and my cousin was not surprised that she had been in pain.

This is where I began to worry what it would feel like when she died. As I write this, two weeks later, she has not passed yet.

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