Monday, May 17, 2010

Mirror Synchronicity: Honor thy family

There are a lot of May birthdays in my family. My mother in law's birthday is May 2. My father in law's birthday is May 13 and my husband and I both have birthdays on May 15. My husband's sister was pregnant and due on May 13, which would be an honor for the grandchild to share a birthday with his grandfather. However, since my husband and I both have May 15 birthdays, we were hoping the baby would be a little 'late'. He sure was. May 13 came and went.

An inducement was scheduled for May 16. Why couldn't the doctor have made it May 15, I asked? (a bit selfishly). Well, no matter. We got the call on the morning of our birthday that my husband's sister was in labor. We send lots of positive 'push' energy.

Now here's the cute part... the baby was born on OUR birthday, but at 5:13 p.m... still honoring the grandfather after all!!

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Fascinating. It's like it's genetic!