Friday, May 07, 2010

A new soul takes a trip to the other side

This actually makes me laugh a little bit. When my aunt was in the hospital and I was meditating, I saw a doorway. In my head I got the message that The door is open, but there is no rush, take your time. What a pleasant vision!

Another time, I had my eyes closed and we went through all the colors and we went through the light and ended up in the room. We left the body and hung out at the ceiling for a bit and then returned to the body. Then we left the body and hung out a bit looking at the room down below. Then the room faded to white and I saw all of the people again. I felt her panic like No I'm not ready! and then I was immediately awakened.

A few days later, when my aunt was doing her life review (more on that later), I saw about 30-40 people in the backyard of her childhood home. They were patiently waiting on her. How peaceful and comforting that she was going to have such a big reception party!

Then a few hours or days later (time is really distorted over the past 2 weeks), I saw the same crowd in the backyard and they were all pulling up chairs. I heard the message and perhaps a soft sigh that said, This is going to take a while. I had no idea at that time how long "a while" would be.

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