Monday, July 17, 2006

Required Reading: Ramesh Kamath

This is a great article about freedom of choice by Ramesh Kamath. (Scroll to the bottom of the page). I love all of the other articles out there as well.

"Successful people never rely on luck or chance; they create the circumstances that bring them what they desire. What may seem like failures in their lives are understood by them as steps towards a positive end. In correcting the destructive thoughts you create with accepting luck, chance and disempowerment, are these two good words to know and understand, and they are "synchronicity," and "synergy!"

All I have to say is wow. I needed that.

Mirror Coincidence: The cab driver recommends...

A friend of mine was in a cab in Cincinnati with some other friends. They asked the cabdriver for a recommendation of a good bar to go to that was in the neighborhood. The cabbie suggested either 'McFadden's' or "Tina's Around the Corner". Strangely enough, my friend's name is Tina McFadden. I heard her tell the story today and she wasn't that impressed with the synchronicity... but I was!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Haunting: The Patio Just So

My friend LJ is a nice Catholic girl who doesn't believe in ghosts. Well, she didn't until this week. Now she's not so sure. Two days ago, she was at a friend's house grilling out on the back patio. As she described the scene to me, she said the patio consisted of a metal table and chairs, a grill and a patio canopy that was ruined in a recent storm. She said the canopy was in a heap because it was heavy and her friend had not gotten around to moving it.

They went inside to eat and were at the front of the house for about an hour. LJ's friend went back outside and then came in, confused. LJ went back outside with him and ALL of the furniture had been rearranged, including the grill, which was moved to the opposite side of the patio and the canopy, which was pulled off of the patio into the grass. LJ's friend doesn't believe in ghosts and assumed it must be a prank and promptly called everyone he knew that might play such a joke (but why?). The friend had bought the house from a friend six months prior, and found out that, 'Oh yeah - I didn't tell you - I think the house is haunted.' The previous owner of the house had an incident with a missing wallet that suddenly appeared in the middle of the kitchen floor AND the wife had heard voices.

Not that I've had any luck with attempted ghost encounters before, but I told LJ that I want to visit this house. I'll let you know what happens.

Mirror Coincidence: Cape Cod

This is one of those silly little coincidences, but in totality - it's weird when you add them up. My husband and I were on a long car ride today and he was listening to a book on CD - (Bill Bryson's - I'm a Stranger Here Myself) and I was reading a magazine and I read the word Cape Cod within two seconds of when Bill said "Cape Cod."