Monday, July 17, 2006

Mirror Coincidence: The cab driver recommends...

A friend of mine was in a cab in Cincinnati with some other friends. They asked the cabdriver for a recommendation of a good bar to go to that was in the neighborhood. The cabbie suggested either 'McFadden's' or "Tina's Around the Corner". Strangely enough, my friend's name is Tina McFadden. I heard her tell the story today and she wasn't that impressed with the synchronicity... but I was!


Synchronicity Evangelist said...

I am impressed :)

iumi said...

wow. I don't understand how people overlook stuff like that. I'm glad I found this site.. I feel sometimes like I'm the one paying attention to coincidences and such.

My life has changed so much since I got into the subject. It makes life more enjoyable. Like a puzzle to figure out.

I'll soon start writing stuff about it.. braca-montes(dot)com