Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Haunting: The Patio Just So

My friend LJ is a nice Catholic girl who doesn't believe in ghosts. Well, she didn't until this week. Now she's not so sure. Two days ago, she was at a friend's house grilling out on the back patio. As she described the scene to me, she said the patio consisted of a metal table and chairs, a grill and a patio canopy that was ruined in a recent storm. She said the canopy was in a heap because it was heavy and her friend had not gotten around to moving it.

They went inside to eat and were at the front of the house for about an hour. LJ's friend went back outside and then came in, confused. LJ went back outside with him and ALL of the furniture had been rearranged, including the grill, which was moved to the opposite side of the patio and the canopy, which was pulled off of the patio into the grass. LJ's friend doesn't believe in ghosts and assumed it must be a prank and promptly called everyone he knew that might play such a joke (but why?). The friend had bought the house from a friend six months prior, and found out that, 'Oh yeah - I didn't tell you - I think the house is haunted.' The previous owner of the house had an incident with a missing wallet that suddenly appeared in the middle of the kitchen floor AND the wife had heard voices.

Not that I've had any luck with attempted ghost encounters before, but I told LJ that I want to visit this house. I'll let you know what happens.


Synchronicity Evangelist said...

in indian summers of 2002, i went to a hill station with a friend and we stayed at her friend's aunt's place. the house was one of those built by Britishers. A long way to walk before your enter the main door. While I was climbing down the stairs at 7 PM i saw someone walking at my left-at a distance of 15 ft or so--a short person with a cream robe and creamish wavy hair. I could not see her/his face but the moment I noticed her presence I was scared. I had a feeling that I wont be able to face this person…it was some kind of fear. I thought her to be the aunt (her robe) because I was told she was a religious woman and had devoted her life to the Lord Krishna. But later I discovered no such a person lived in that area let alone the house…but it was a good soul, am sure. I don’t think a negative energy would visit such a holy home.

A New Soul said...

I don't think so either. It's too bad you were scared if you think she was benevolent.