Saturday, March 31, 2012

The open heart and ADEC

Eight years ago, I started this blog as a way to explore evidence of the afterlife via synchroncities. My most recent losses at that time were my mother and great aunt who had just died within four months of each other. My heart had been ripped open. I hoped and prayed for some kind of "proof" that there was life beyond death. There was desperation in my search. I wanted to believe that they were just right there on the other side of the invisible curtain, and if I just listened hard enough, I would "hear" from them. Each synchroncity provided a wee bit of comfort, and the comfort expanded as more and more synchronicities happened.

I never expected to still be writing about synchroncities eight years later, but when I now look at the body of "evidence" of my own experiences, I am in awe. I am no longer searching for the "proof" of a connected universe, because I feel the connectedness every day.

I am now in my third year of membership in ADEC, the Association for Death Education and Counseling. My very first conference experience was overwhelmingly positive and I have been hooked ever since. Members of ADEC are all drawn to the field of death and dying from a profound personal death experience. Let's be honest here, kids generally don't aspire to be thanatologists when they grow up. We didn't choose the profession, it chose us.

One might think that gathering together with a massive room full of people who have profound loss experiences would be draining, like one big depressing funeral. After all, being around one grieving person is hard enough, why would you want to be around 600 people with sad stories? Wouldn't it be more fun to work on taxes? Or get a root canal! (poor dentists, this is always the comparison... but i have had a root canal and it is indeed quite awful ).

The truth is, being with ADEC people is unlike any other crowd experience I have ever had. Our losses have ripped our hearts wide open and left us exposed. Collectively, what this translates to is an invisible thread of connectedness that binds us to strangers. There is a sense of belonging, of knowing. You are still here and despite the pain you have endured; you survived. Me too. We were once alone, and now we know we are not ever alone.

Every time I come to an ADEC conference, the synchroncities go off like fireworks. I have over ten so far that have happened to me personally, and have heard countless others. First timers and veterans alike marvel at them. Almost all of the synchros are people related, and it is as if our guides and loved ones on the other side are arranging and rearranging us for serendipitious encounters.

The topic of after death communication comes up frequently at this conference. (that alone was proof for me that I was with the right crowd). The other night I had a delightful dinner with five other women and we shared our ADC experiences with each other. The question was asked as to why the "communication" takes so many forms. Why do "they" (our loved ones on the other side) have to send us a totem, a sign, a synchro? Why don't they just say hello? The answer to "why" is not ours to know. At least not now. But we do know with certainty that the messages are being sent. Those that have their radio on can receive. And I think that the receiver is inside the heart...only accessible to the hearts that are open.