Friday, December 09, 2011

Synchronicity in the News: Mama and Baby

Just came across an interesting news article that said that mothers and babies can synchronize their heartbeats just by looking at one another. This reminds me of the turtle post from earlier this week.

Two stories in one week about ways in which seemingly separate beings are in sync is almost a synchro in itself.

So, now researchers are "proving" that people are "connected."

But you and I already knew that, didn't we?

Mirror Synchronicity: Yoda

For some strange reason, Yoda keeps coming up for me this week. It started when I was in an online discussion and I asked if there were any movie depictions of a "good" death. One of my colleagues suggested Yoda's death.

Then the very next day in my news feed, an article "Scientists are about to find the Force". Illustrating the article was a picture of Yoda:

Now for those of us who believe in synchronicities, that might have been enough to 'count' but I wasn't sure that it was blogworthy... so I noted it and then moved on.

Today, I went to wish a friend happy birthday on his Facebook page, and in the third picture was a little picture of Yoda. Apparently he had posted it at Thanksgiving. And since there was a built in message, I paid attention.

Thankful I am.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Synchronicity in the News: Turtles

This is the ultimate in synchronicity - turtles synchronize their births. Now, before you say that they were all conceived at the same time, the article mentions that due to environmental conditions the eggs actually develop at different rates but somehow they all come together and hatch in unison. This is just one more example that demonstrates the universe is much more complex and connected than we can even fathom.