Friday, December 09, 2011

Mirror Synchronicity: Yoda

For some strange reason, Yoda keeps coming up for me this week. It started when I was in an online discussion and I asked if there were any movie depictions of a "good" death. One of my colleagues suggested Yoda's death.

Then the very next day in my news feed, an article "Scientists are about to find the Force". Illustrating the article was a picture of Yoda:

Now for those of us who believe in synchronicities, that might have been enough to 'count' but I wasn't sure that it was blogworthy... so I noted it and then moved on.

Today, I went to wish a friend happy birthday on his Facebook page, and in the third picture was a little picture of Yoda. Apparently he had posted it at Thanksgiving. And since there was a built in message, I paid attention.

Thankful I am.

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