Friday, July 31, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Kitty RIP 1991-2009

If you've read more than a few of my posts, you'll know that I'm very close to my cats. Kitty has been with me for 18 years. As she aged she became more and more loving. When she was a kitten, she slept on my head. The last few months she had been tucking herself into my armpit. Her purring was a nice steady sound to help me sleep. Last week, I had to say goodbye. She was in so much pain that I knew it was time. The actual act of putting her to sleep was awful because the doctors had trouble finding a vein and I was just mortified that it was not a peaceful experience for her. That night I woke up to one of my other cats jumping on the bed. I thought to myself that it was cool that they were both sleeping with me, as I was already snuggling with one. Except when I opened my eyes, there was only one cat there. The next couple of nights, I could both hear the purring and feel the vibration on my body from Kitty. It was her way of telling me that she was ok. One of my other cats, Karma, was really cool with it and would snuggle with her (they never did that alive). The other cat, Daisy, would jump on the bed, look in the general direction of where I felt Kitty was and then jump down immediately. I don't feel Kitty as much anymore, I'm hoping it's because she's moved on to a sunny place. Her visits to me were comforting and reassuring that there is life beyond, ever for the kitties.

With us in spirit

Recently my husband I traveled to visit his aunt and uncle in Austin, TX. Several other family members came to visit as well. It was the first time that this group had gotten together since the funerals of my husband's grandfather and grandmother, just a few months apart two years ago. Granddad was a 'strong' personality, so it's no surprise that he wanted to be a part of the festivities. When we were there, his picture fell off the wall from 6 feet high and did not break. It had fallen before and the homeowners were very surprised that it fell because they had made sure that it was hung extra secure this time.

I told them it was probably granddad saying hello.

While he did not fully materialize in front of us, I did capture the same orb in multiple pictures. My husband, ever the skeptic, said that it was dust on the camera or dust in the air. I don't think so. I've learned over the years though to just let him be skeptical. There is no amount of evidence that will prove the existance of spirits for someone who does not want to believe. Here are a few of the orb pictures. Judge for yourself. Looks like the same orb to me, in different locations.