Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finding like-minded people

Library thing at http://www.librarything.com/ is my new favorite website. You can enter in the books that you read and find others with similar interests. You can also get recommendations for books you probably haven't read. There's so much more to it - if you like to read, check it out. (no pun intended)

Coincidence: Parlor Rooms

Twice in the past week I've heard people talk about how parlor rooms used to be used for laying out the dead. Eventually these rooms were converted to what we now know as living rooms. Weird.

Monday, February 26, 2007

An epiphany - I'm an empath

Soooo... my friends make fun of me because they think that I'm a wanna-be psychic. Ok - so it's true - I do have a fascination with psychics, but mostly because I think it would be a challenging way to go. You have so much more knowledge of the world out there, but you can't control what you know. Recently I had a psychic party at my house where a psychic named Marc came in and did readings for my friends. I LOVE Marc because he's so wise... I mean he's accurate too...but he's also just a pleasure to talk with.

Anyways...after everyone left, we started talking about his business and how challenging it is to market psychic services. I got the sense that psychics don't usually have other people interested in them - I offered to give him some marketing tips (I have a background in marketing) and he said he was interested.

Flash forward to today and I was chatting with another friend about my helping Marc with his marketing. We were talking about psychic ability and that Marc had told me at one time that I was telepathic. My friend said, "Are you?" and I said - no... I'm just really good at reading feelings. I can notice minute changes in people's faces and I can tell when they're upset but they're hiding it. He said it was a talent and I said it wasn't because most of the time I notice it before people know it about themselves.

I ended up talking to Marc the psychic for an hour and at the end he thanked me and told me that I was helpful. He pointed out to me that I had coached a life coach. Which is pretty funny. So I don't know how this popped in my head because it didn't come from Marc (or maybe he put it in my head) but the word empath came to me.

I just googled it and the first website that I came across had a wonderful description. And low and behold... I 've been 'psychic' all along. I can't read people's thoughts and I can't see into the future or dead people, but this website describes me to a T. It's like everything suddenly makes sense. I've always known that I was overly sensitive to others - which is why I can't even go to sad movies - I've got extreme taste buds...and i just thought I was a freak. Well, I still may be, but now there is a name for people like me (besides freak...). Anyways... interesting website:

Let me know what you think...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dealing with negative people

So recently I had the opportunity to see a psychic who also happended to be a high school friend of a friend of mine. He was very good, and if not psychic, a very good counselor. He saw that I had been asking for protection (and yes, this was a few months ago, right after my "little me" encounter... ) and HIS advice in dealing with people are shooting you negative energy is to think of yourself as an angel and how would an angel react to this person, "without all that judgement crap." It's probably the best piece of advice I've received. It allows me a little bit of an ego boost, which might be against the point, but it does help me to not absorb the energy.

The universe and life lessons

Last year was a rough year. I had to work with someone who I felt was in my life to cause me pain. I met someone, D., who was in a similar situation where she had to work with a difficult person and when I asked her how she dealt with this royal pain, she said something very interesting. She said that she just figured that she was put in the situation for a reason and the universe wanted her to learn something from that person. Sometimes when you're 'in the middle of it' you can't see the purpose, but later, you understand. This perspective helped me get through the worst times last year, and as awful as they were... I now wouldn't change them. It's a cliche, but I do believe what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.