Sunday, October 14, 2007

Amazing Astrological Reading!

For the first time ever, I had a reading that was primarily based on astrology and can I tell you it was the most amazing thing ever! The woman nailed personality traits, events of the past and events in the future. (how embarrassing that she could tell from my chart that I was dating someone else when I met my husband 9 years ago!) She mentioned specific dates that coincided with major changes in my life including the death of my mom and when I got a new boss at work.

My stepmom had a reading with her as well and had a very positive experience too.

I'm not sure if this astrologer is looking for new business, but I am putting her name out to the universe to help her because she has an amazing gift.

Her name is Theresa and her phone number is 440-943-1814. Call her if you're in need.

Listen to the Universe

My father and stepmom went with me to the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, OH. My father and I decided to go to a seminar while my step mom got a reading. The seminar was a mediumship session and about 25 minutes into the hour, they called my father out of the crowd. Among the bits of information they told him was something about a health issue with his chest.
When we got out of the session and met up with my stepmom, she said the psychic that she went to mentioned a chest issue for her husband (my dad!). THEN, when I went to a different session, they said my dad had a health issue with his chest. Three different sessions, same message. It's kind of scary.

The Universe is Listening

I was in my car, alone, on my way to the Universal Light Expo in Columbus, Ohio. I read somewhere that if you're going to see a medium, you need to ask the spirits ahead of time to come join you for the session. So basically, I was talking to all my loved ones who had passed on and asking them to come to the readings that I was going to attend. Then I started crying. I was thinking about all the people who I've loved who have died. I cried out loud, "why have all my loved ones left me behind?" JUST THEN I heard a car horn honk and I turned to look and it was my dad and my step mom in the car next to mine, waving and smiling. They were on the way to the expo too - which I knew, but when I had last talked to them, they were on a different highway. That was the first of many strange, strange things today.