Sunday, April 01, 2007

Directional Synchronicity: Delayed for a reason Part II

I'm beginning to think that all this traveling I've been doing has been stirring things up in the universe. For the second time in six months, a flight delay has led to a very interesting conversation with (coincidentally) men named Thomas. THIS time, I had two flights that were cancelled and it happened to be my seat mate on my third flight. I'm not sure how the subject came up, but he started talking about Trancendental Meditation. I find this quite odd, because while on the internet it's easy to find like-minded's not so easy in real life. To end up sitting next to someone who has such similar interests...well it's quite a synchronicity. I feel that I was meant to hear what Thomas had to say about TM. I've known for some time that I need to start relieve the stress if nothing else... and this was the universe's way of nudging me along.

In case you're curious, my first encounter with another Thomas was here:
The fact that both men were named Thomas...well that's just the icing on the cake...

Coincidence: Ooops!

This happened a week ago but I've not had the chance to blog. Twice in a three day time period, I walked in on someone in the bathroom. One time was at a party and one time at a restaurant. Don't men ever lock the doors? Then not 2 days later, a friend told me that someone had walked in on her. Weird, weird, weird.