Monday, August 27, 2012

Mirror Synchronicity: The Big Bluff

In THREE different television shows I watched in two days, the same 'trick' was used to convince someone to confess to something.  In each show, it was the climax of the storyline. (Warning, this does contain "spoilers" for the shows.)

Show 1:  Suits Episode "High Noon" (#S210)

Harvey and Mike found out that the head of their law firm, Hardman, had planted evidence. They found someone else to admit it, but he wouldn't put it in writing. They walked in the room and told the story as if they had the person's signature in the folder. Hardman gave in without ever looking in the folder. Harvey admonished Mike for forgery, but Mike said he had signed his own name. "No one looks at a man's shoes."

Show 2:  Drop Dead Diva Episode "Pick's and Pakes" Season 4 Episode 12

The lead character Jane is co-counsel with another lawyer on a pharmaceutical case. The other lawyer made a statement without evidence to back it up and Jane panicked that they were going to lose the case. Then she remembered that he had previously won a trial by just suggesting that they had evidence so she tried the same trick. She had a folder in her hand and was questioning a witness. The witness panicked and pleaded the 5th and Jane won the case. She then looked inside the folder at a blank piece of paper.

Show 3:  Newsroom Episode 10 "The Greater Fool"
Excerpted from the episode guide "In a meeting with Reese and Leona, Will cops to being high on the air. Leona immediately fires him, but Charlie and Mac reveal that Reese only knows about this because he's been hacking phones. Charlie produces an envelope he received from Hancock to prove it. Leona looks to her son incredulously, and Reese admits he's been committing a felony, if only to stay afloat in a competitive market. After producing a tape recorder, Charlie agrees not to bring forth the evidence in exchange for TMI killing the story about Will, and AWM killing TMI. And they're going after the Tea Party-hard. When Leona tells Charlie she doesn't negotiate this way, Charlie assures her it's no negotiation. Before he leaves, Leona shares some advice for Will, "Don't shoot and miss." She opens the envelope from Hancock and finds a recipe for beef stew."

Note this is the second time I have had a synchronicity with Newsroom and also the second time for a synchronicity with Drop Dead Diva.

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