Monday, August 06, 2012

Mirror Synchronicity: Bigfoot

It all started when I was planning my 10th anniversary honeymoon. I was looking at places in New England and when I discovered that Portland Maine had a Bigfoot museum, I was hooked.

While you might think this is a weird way to spend a honeymoon, my husband and I both enjoy random campy museums and tourist spots. I might enjoy them more than he does, but he enjoys my happiness. We have been to the alien museum in Roswell, New Mexico. We've been through the Winchester Mystery House tour. He even tolerated my ghost-hunting at the Whaley House in San Diego.  So why not Bigfoot?

It was not long after I booked the trip that the Bigfoot synchronicities started happening. At first I ignored them because I thought I was just paying attention more, but then when I got to 4 different "Bigfoot" sightings then I decided there was definitely something synchronous going on.

The first reference didn't happen until 2 weeks after I booked my trip. I had been thinking about the trip, but at this point the Bigfoot reference was not a synchronicity to me. Here is the Bigfoot scene in the HBO series Newsroom.  This was a huge reference.

Then in a matter of a day, another show I watch had two characters in conversation about Bigfoot. I can't remember which show it was (either Suits or Franklin and Bash). Then I was flipping through the channels and came across a Bigfoot hunting show. Then the final synchronicity was when a former professor posted this cartoon on his Facebook page and it came through my news feed. This was the final synchronicity that made me laugh out loud.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Speaking of creatures like Bigfoot.
I've just finished reading a book called
"The Dreams of Dragons"
by Lyall Watson,
which speculates on the legends of such creatures having some basis in reality.It is a very entertaining read,even if Bigfoot is not mentioned in it.

" Prowling the edges of science with insight and sensitivity, Lyall Watson maintains that there is a truth to be found behind every seemingly impossible legend. The best-selling author of "Supernature" and
"Gifts of Unknown Things",
Watson takes us on a journey through prehistoric burial sites on the beaches of South Africa, ancient ritual iron mines in Swaziland, and present-day villages in Indonesia and New Guinea inhabited by man-eating dragons and headhunters. In these and other extraordinary travels we encounter phenomenon that defy traditional scientific explanation. Watson looks beyond the scientific "facts" and helps us--through his own remarkable discoveries--to see the poetry and wonder of the natural world".

Highly recommended.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Oh...and these are the dragons Lyall was writing about -

Komodo Dragons.
Would you like to take on one of these on horseback,
armed only with a sword ?
Not me!