Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Directional Synchronicity: Connections

At the Erma Bombeck Conference I went to last week, I went to a class on storytelling (how appropriate!). I wanted to talk to the instructor afterwards but she had a line of people. Since the class was right before lunch, I asked if she wanted to sit together for lunch and she said yes. I had previously agreed to meet up with another friend of mine, but he was running late, so I saved him a seat across from me. About halfway through the lunch, the instructor and my friend both looked at each other and recognized they went to college together, some 15 years earlier. My friend had been good friends with the instructor's sister and they ended up spending the rest of the day catching up. And to think - it was me who reconnected them!!


Stephanie said...

I thought I'd leave this on the most recent post, but I am having the strangest synchronicity day ever.

I recently started a new job-it came to me out of the blue, through a friend of a friend of a friend. I've been working there for a about 3 weeks. Today I was telling my boss about the people I used to work with, and I told her about my two only friends at my old job. Both people were considered to be "weird" - one of which practiced Reiki. I would talk to her about it a lot-I'd listen and was very interested, but a bit timid about it. She told me that I was welcome to come any time for a community night, but I never did.

As I told my new boss about this, her face lit up. She said "It's strange you mention this, because I'm practicing Reiki...nobody here even knows I do it because most people are weirded out by it." She goes on to tell me all the strange things that have happened to her, etc.

This is also the same day that I learned the term "Reticular Activator" which in a way is the technical, medical term for why we experience synchronicities.

Needless to say I'll be going to a class. I live in a city where there is only one school, and this is just too strange to ignore

A New Soul said...

Fabulous! Would love to hear how the class went.