Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mirror Coincidence: Thinking of You

Now these happen all the time, but I still think they're neat...

I was at a conference in Chicago and I met a mutual acquaintance of a friend of mine who had moved away. I hadn't thought about her in months, but running into someone that I knew she knew made me think of her and I decided to write her a postcard. As it turned out, when I checked my messages at home, she had called me that same day.

I ran into the ex boyfriend of one of my good friends. They were two young and it just didn't work out at the time, but they've both been fond of each other. He told me to say hi to her and when I told her she remarked that for some reason she had just been thinking about him recently.


Christopher Trottier said...

Uh oh. Sounds too strange for me.

Angel- Suburb of Chicago said...

I was doing a search on strange coincidences and synchronicities. Google had turned up so many dead ends and I was just about to try another search engine. And then I found "Follow the Signs". I clicked on it and read something then x-ed off and went back to google..... then around two search pages later.....I came across "Follow the signs" again. So....Yes!!!! I, once again, chose to click it. The first thing I read was, "You found me." Your intro and how we now are connected. I just thought that was so cool. And.....I'm still reading. Love your blog.
Check these sites for amazing coincidences and synchronicities.
There's a forum on there for this specifically. Just thought I'd share now that we're connected.