Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mirror Coincidence: Co-mingle

I was watching a fictional show on television and I don't remember the context, but the actor used the word, "co-mingle" which I haven't heard a lot and I thought that was an unusual word. Within a couple of hours I was watching a DVD of another show and they used the word co-mingle again.

Now my husband would say it's absolutely ridiculous for me to write about this, but he doesn't believe in synchronicities anyways. Whatever... I just thought it was interesting because I don't hear that word a lot and then suddenly I heard it twice.

Hmmmm.... Does it mean I have co-mingling to do in my future?

from http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/co-mingle
to co-mingle (third-person singular simple present co-mingles, present participle co-mingling, simple past and past participle co-mingled)
(intransitive) To mingle with others; to cause to become mingled.
Dictionary editors disagree about the degree to which words should co-mingle.
(transitive) To mix.
Funds for different purposes are not to be co-mingled.

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