Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Random Poem Generator

So I'm lame and I was having trouble submitting something to a mother-in-law's birthday scrapbook and I googled 'poem generator' and came across this website that can generate a poem from any website. Boundless possibilities. Synchronistic, maybe not, but still cool.

The poem I generated:

Follow the
first place, I
brought it off, the
Wizard of text that I was in it all,
what would that means we
were to keep a a:
day. I was the couch
I believe that I heard his as you think
Google News Postsecret a to you.
guessed it was websurfing
and not sure how
to keep a friend who
lost it.
in awe of the woman I
sitting on blog
for lost it, all, the same
company but no
necklace. Since I love.

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