Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nadi Astrology

So I've admitted that I'm not an expert on the new age... I made the mistake of asking an Indian co-worker whether chakras were connected to the Hindu religion and he said they were not. But then he started telling me about the Indian practice of Nadi astrology and I found it to be quite interesting. In India, a friend of his took him to a Nadi Astrologer and the man asked a few yes or no questions and then opened up this big ancient book and read from it. My friend said that it had his parents name, his wife's name, his children's names, his profession and then what was going to happen to him in the future. And it was all written down! So I've been doing some googling and there are a lot of websites out there and some want you to give a credit card number (bad idea, right). Some day, if I ever go to India, I will get a reading. I wonder if there are any Nadi practitioners in the U.S that don't charge an arm and a leg. I think it would be interesting just to see what they say. Also - I would like to read more about it, but google searches don't always turn up the best, so I'd love to hear from anyone who has found a 'favorite' website.


Synchronicity Evangelist said...

Chakras have a place in astrology, hinduism or whatever. We can discuss if you wish...I won't be around until Thursday though

Synchronicity Evangelist said...

I have experienced Nadi jyotish (astrology). Whatever they told me is yet to happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
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