Saturday, August 12, 2006

Indigo and Crystal Children

Last night I was watching television and came across a show about psychic children. I had heard of the term "Indigo children" before, so I was intrigued. My husband, quite the skeptic, was not convinced of any of it & I think the show could have done a better job with the examples. For example, a child who was sick the day before 9/11... coincidence? They claimed it was a psychic prediction, but they really didn't have anything more to say except that she was sick.

Incidentally, the main character of one of the stories had my name and her mother's name was the name of my mother...that was a little wake up for me.

But I digress... I enjoy reading about Indigo children and Crystal children - which are even more powerful... but a lot of websites out there are full of advertisements for someone's book or paid psychic reading. I understand these people have to make a living, but I also find it distasteful for psychics to profit off of their gift.

So I'm looking for a good recommendation of information about Indigo children - I did find one website that I liked, but I want to read more...Please don't recommend any books or websites that you have not read yourself. I can google with the best of them, but I'm looking for the 'best' that you've found. Here's a website I liked:

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Synchronicity Evangelist said...

have you visited There is so much there. I had a document on indigo children, let me see if I can find it.