Friday, October 02, 2009

Coincidence in the news: It's YOUR house!

If you haven't heard about this already - a 911 operator got a call about a house fire and the address turned out to be his own. The first firefighter who had responded to the scene was actually the operator's cousin. WOW.

Read all about it here:


Susan Deborah said...

911 works I guess.
But am not a 911 user as I am from India.
Unusual post. Nice.


wow - very neat story!

Rossana said...

I just wanna say I love your blog, I've had so many mirror-synchronicity events in my life I wouldn't know where to start... the truth is I have forgotten most of them, I should've created a blog like you LOL.

A New Soul said...

Thanks all! Rossana, it's never too late! You'd be surprised at how fast they accumulate.