Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mirror Synchronicity: Tune Out Distractions

So...I'm really trying to be a good person and grow and learn and improve. The last thing I would want to do is hurt someone or make them angry, but it happens, unintentionally. More frequently than I would like, recently. I just asked my soul cards for guidance... (I love you Sonja Choquette!) and here's the card that came up:

Tune Out Distractions

It said in part, "Is your head filled with the voices, choices and opinions of others? Have you lost contact with your inner guidance in the midst of listening to these people? Are you constantly wrestling with doing the right thing, fearful that you'll make a mistake..."

Yes yes yes!!

There's more...
"Your soul's purpose right now is to recognize the voice of your higher self... Only this inner guidance can lead you to what is true for you, so all other voices must go."

It goes on to say
"Be selective about what you take in from outside yourself; only then will you find the answers you're seeking."

Wow. Good stuff. I really needed to hear that. Sometimes I internalize negativity from others and get low self esteem from it. It's good to take in feedback, but I should not let it define me. We are all growing, learning and evolving.



so so true!!! words we can all use every day! neat post - and thanks for coming by my place!

Susan Deborah said...

That tuning is something one should consciously practice.

Joy always,

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Terrific post!

Alex said...

great post. is there a way to send you an email directly? would love to share some experiences with you.

A New Soul said...

Sure Alex - it's would love to hear your stories!