Thursday, January 06, 2011

Proof of ESP and thoughts about skeptics

Here is a NYT article about an upcoming journal article which seeks to scientifically proof ESP. What makes me laugh is the gist of the Times article that there is an uproar over the publication. Despite the repitition of experiments and the credibility of the author, the journal article is still getting shredded.

Here is what i think: for the skeptics, there is no amount of 'proof' that will ever be enough for them, even if they experience the phenomenon themselves. What I am realizing is that for some reason they must strongly need to hold on to the tangible, because the intangible is too frightening for them. I used to try to convince skeptics to have an open mind but now I see the closed mind is a form of self protection. They are like frightened children who must believe that "belief" means a lack of control... the funny thing is that I believe that the more I acknowledge the power of the universe, the more Power I have to make change, make a difference, etc. That is my hope anyways...

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Here's a synchro. I just finished writing a post on this very article.

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