Friday, June 10, 2005

Directional Synchronicity: Daisy the cat

It was a brisk fall evening. My husband and I were finishing up dinner and we started talking about my cat, Kitty. I'd had Kitty for 12 years and she really doesn't like anyone else but me. My husband was getting tired of being hissed at, so he conceeded that perhaps we could get another cat that would like him. We went outside for a smoke and just then a small calico came running across the street towards us. We had never seen her before, but she was quite friendly. She rubbed up against our legs and even let us pick her up. Because it was cold outside, we decided to take her in. The next week I asked around the neighborhood and found that she was a stray. She is the sweetest, cutest cat I've ever known. We named her Daisy.

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