Monday, August 25, 2008

Mirror Synchronicity: Butterfly

I was in my living room reading and hanging out with my cat. I noticed that she was intently watching a butterfly. I watched her watching the butterfly for a couple of minutes. When I looked down to continue reading, the very next sentence in the book was a butterfly metaphor.


Anonymous said...

I just had energy work done last week. It came up that there was still issues between my mother and myself. I had something of her's. When asked to return it was a most gorgeous butterfly (peachy gold). I saw it as giving her freedom to move on to other things. Since then I have seen butterflies everwhere (not normal for this area).

Are we connecting again in the psychic realm dear cousin?

I'm heading to Ohio on Thursday-Sunday - this being a big incentive.

Diana said...

I love it.:) My favorite kind of synchronicity. Butterflies.:) I consider them my spiritual symbol. They have been all around me last month and this month.