Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mirror Synchronicity: Reunion on the mind

BJ, a friend of mine, was driving to the airport for his 20 year reunion (class of 1988.) He had not been to other reunions before and he was excited to see old friends again.

On his way to the airport, he stopped for gas. He wasn't paying attention when he filled his tank but when he looked over at the pump, it was 8.888 gallons.

Incidentally, the reunion was on 08/08/08 but that was no accident, just a very clever reunion planner.

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Diana said...

Cool. Not long before 08-08-08, both me and my daughter were seeing the numbers 8 and 88 a lot. And even more beginning on that day and after.It doesn't happen every day and it's been about a week now, until today when I noticed this post. I wonder why I missed it before.:)