Monday, February 02, 2009

Mirror Synchronicity: Our friend

This story is from my friend Jill: 
Ok- You may not believe this little story... and I am ok with that cause I am having trouble believing it myself. Today Zach had a friend over from his basketball team to play and over the course of the afternoon it came up that his dad had served in Iraq. The boy then shared that his dad had lost a friend in Iraq- who had died a year ago today. We shared that we too had lost a friend a year ago today in Iraq and said that his name was Michael Norman. The kids said that his dad's friend name was also Michael Norman. He called his dad and indeed we both knew the same person. This boy's father was serving with Cpt. Norman at the time of his death. What are the chances that two people who knew Cpt. Norman would live in Mill Valley in Marysville, Ohio. Aaron wears a bracelet with Cpt. Norman's name on it to remind him of a leader who impacted those around him in such a positive way- this boy's dad also wears a bracelet with Cpt. Norman's name on it- because he felt so impacted by him also. 

What a testimony Michael left to those who served with him. I don't think I ever have to worry about him being forgotten. 
Captain Norman is the soldier on the right in this picture.


poetry_is_life said...

Liz-Thanks for sharing my story! Mike was a friend of ours from Korea. He left and went to Kansas and we moved here to Ohio- which is what makes this all so strange- I think you are right... his way of saying hi! :)

Lisa said...

Hey, these guys are never forgotten!
Nothing in life is a coincidence, it happens for a reason. It was his way of bringing everyone closer - what a lovely guy.