Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mirror Synchronicity: horoscope confirmation

Last week I talked about how my friend and I discovered that we weren't there for each other during rough times. Follow the Signs: Mirror Synchronicity: Go it "alone"

How strange then to read her horoscope by Susan Miller for the month of September which said in part:

Saturn tends to give a feeling of isolation, so if you feel others around you don't have a clue about how hard it's been for you - if they dismiss your suffering or fail to even see it - I sympathize, dear Virgo. This is how Saturn works, but there is method in his madness.

By temporarily taking away your usual sources of support you will learn new ways to develop and grow independently. Although Saturn's methods are extreme, he does get the results he is after - to make you stronger and more resourceful than you ever were before. Afterward you will feel as though you've become much more mature and seasoned. This is a month to drop any fantasies you have harbored and to see thing as they really are.

I think it's really cool that we came to the conclusion on our own, but this shows that maybe we were right!

P.S. Looks like September 2009 is going to be a rough month for everyone! Yikes!



oh, dear - i've not even looked at my horoscope for this new month - mainly cause i'd lost track of the fact that it IS a new month! so thanks for the reminder!!! love your blog, by the way! jenean


hey lady - just dropping by to see if anything new at your place - have a wonderful day - jenean