Sunday, January 03, 2010

Directional Synchronicity: A Time to Grieve

I am an intern at a hospice. When I was going through orientation, my boss gave me a copy of this book, telling me that they give it to any staff who have lost a family member. I looked through the book and thought that it would be very helpful for someone experiencing loss. I decided to order an extra one on Amazon just to have it as a gift for anyone who had lost someone. I ordered it used because it was described to be in good condition. It was sent via media mail and took weeks to arrive. The day it arrived, I was opening the package when my husband received a phone call that his grandmother died. It arrived at just the right time and I ended up giving it to my husband's aunt who was grieving the loss of her mother.

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Amy said...

I love when stuff like this happens. So many interesting synchronicities happen around births and deaths, especially deaths, that it makes it easier to accept that "it was time."

Nice blog!