Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mirror Synchronicity: Inspiring woman...

This past Friday I had an amazing day helping to make a 91 year old hospice patient's wish come true. She wanted to ski one last time. It was nothing short of a miracle how everything and everyone came together to make it happen and it couldn't have gone smoother.

Today, I was at Costco picking up my pictures and I was so excited about them and the clerk couldn't care less.

I turned to the couple next to me and showed them the picture and said, "Can you believe this woman is 91 years old?!" The woman replied, "Wait, what's her name? There can't be two 91 year old women that went skiing."
I told her the woman's name was Joan and she told me that her son is married to the daughter of Joan's cousin Cher who had gone on the trip with us. They had heard the whole story last night at dinner!


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Cool synchronicity! Hope you'll drop by our blog on the topic. If you have a synchronicity you would like to share, we would be delighted to post it.

67 Not Out (Mike Perry) said...

We are all interlinked and these sort of coincidences and synchronicity happen over and over - and are very meaningful. I mention many on my blog.

Best wishes,