Monday, January 16, 2012

Directional Synchronicity: Trust Your Journey

My friend D. came across an inspirational website that happened to have a store with items that she liked. She and I have been exploring the metaphysical world together and have had many wonderful discussions. On the website there is a set of bracelets that is meant for two people - the giver keeps one for herself and gives one to a friend. She was drawn to a set of bracelets that said, Trust Your Journey, and almost bought them, but then decided against it because we don't usually exchange gifts, she had never ordered from that website, etc.

But then not long after that, we were at a party and both received psychic readings from the same person. We took notes for each other and the tarot reader said to me, "Trust Your Journey." D knows how much I love synchronicities, and she took this to be a directional synchronicity for her to go back and buy the bracelets. She did, and I love mine! As she expected, the gift was even more special because it had a synchronicity attached to it.

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