Friday, January 13, 2012

Psychic Reading: Mixed Messages

My cousin JL and I share an interest in the metaphysical. We are third-generation believers. Neither one of us frequents psychics extensively, but we both have been known to have conversations with friends who are psychic. Multiple times we have had messages that only made sense once we talked to each other.

The first one was her reading about the cross, which I told in my blog post penny cross (I love this story too)

The second time was the reading I received about scarves

The third reading I did not blog but was a conversation I had with a medium friend. JL's grandmother (from her dad) came through, and some of the messages were clarified and validated when I spoke with JL.

While we were talking, she mentioned she was about to have a reading the coming Friday. I told her to pay attention because I knew she would get something that was intended for me.

The week following her reading, I asked her if she had any messages for me. She said no at first, but then said, "Did you have a long-haired cat that you were close to?" JL has never had a cat but apparently this cat was quite assertive and the psychic kept saying, "Are you sure?" JL said the cat was not lovey-dovey, but rather persistent in its attempts. Although purists would say that my cat wasn't long-haired, most people described her that way. Immediately when JL told me that, I knew it was my cat that had come through to her. I was expecting to hear from someone and it is no surprise to me that it would be my cat. My cat was my very first contact with the other side. I was so surprised and excited that I wrote about her coming through after she died here and here.

I'm so amused by the universe's subtle ways of encouraging my cousin and I to keep in touch.

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