Thursday, November 03, 2011

Psychic Reading: Scarves

Before I tell the story, I do need to say that I do not generally go to psychics anymore. Sometime last year, something clicked for me and I realized that I need to look internally rather than externally for answers. I am not against psychics, in fact I know there are some very good ones out there, but ultimately I believe the answers lie within.

That being said, I do enjoy keeping company with people who have a similar belief system. There is a group of paranormal believers that has monthly parties and some of the attendees offer their psychic services for free. I won't generally turn down a free psychic reading!

Last week at the party a psychic named Mazie, who is also a medium (talks to spirits), told me that my aunt came through and mentioned that my aunt and I both were desperately trying to connect but somehow weren't getting through to each other. If you are a longtime reader of my blog, or have seen my book, this is the aunt that I had the Shared Death Experience with last year.

The final part of the reading was that Mazie mentioned a connection to lots and lots of scarves. This meant absolutely nothing to me. I don't wear scarves and I don't particularly connect scarves with my aunt either. Still, I know that Mazie is a good reader so I knew there was something to what she told me.

So last night, my cousin calls me and I mentioned the reading to her. There was a stunned silence on the other end. She told me that her mom had lots of scarves. Not only that, but a couple of months ago when my cousin's grandmother died, she went through her mom's old scarf drawer and carefully picked out a scarf of her mom's to wear at the funeral. Then just this month, while planning a trip overseas, she decided to take several scarves with her to mix up her wardrobe. The whole time she was deciding what scarves to take, she said she was thinking of her mother.

So while scarves meant nothing to me, the symbolism of them associated with my aunt meant everything to my cousin!

On top of all that, now here is a mirror synchronicity. This reading was not 'meaningful' for me until I talked to my cousin, and she found the significance. In a blog post last year, I wrote about a psychic reading that my cousin had (related to my aunt) that was not meaningful until she talked to me and I talked to my dad. It seems that even from the other side, my aunt is encouraging us to talk to one another to put the puzzle pieces together.


Trish said...

Good one! I love it when psychic info is validated.

psychic said...

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