Friday, November 18, 2011

Mirror Synchronicity: The Four Winds

This is my friend Ross's powerful synchronicity - in his own words:

Tribe of the Four Winds:

Ever since I was in outdoor drama back in 1982, I have regarded the arrowhead as a good luck piece. I have a keychain with a fob in the shape of an arrowhead which I have used for close to 30 years. The morning I bought a car after years of riding a bicycle, I found an arrowhead in a field where I was working. I have worn an arrowhead pendant on a necklace for years


Within the past two years, I have become more aware of my spirituality, and my interest in all things metaphysical has grown. In a dream, I was told by one of my spirit guides that I needed to start praying again, and my guide gave me a prayer to use, “As the Eagle spreads its wings to protect its nest from the storm, so protect this house from evil.” I was to say this prayer using the pendant around my neck. In my dream, the pendant was silver and in the shape of an eagle, and it was inlaid with turquoise chips. So the next day I started searching online for an eagle pendant with inlaid turquoise.

After much searching, I found an eagle motif with inlaid turquoise chips, and as an extra bonus, it was in the shape of an arrowhead!

So I bought it! [I have since learned, too, that my Power Animal is the Goose, and a representation of the Goose is the Arrowhead because geese fly in chevron patterns.]

When my best friend Michael saw it, he wanted one, too, but he wanted one with a wolf design. I remembered seeing one with a wolf design when I was searching for the eagle. So I bought him one with a wolf. He loved it!

Months later, one of Michael’s army buddies, Brian, came to Ohio for a visit, and he noticed our matching necklaces. He really liked them, but he wanted one with a bear. So I got online, and sure enough, there was one with a bear!

Michael paid for it and sent it to him, and Brian loved it.

Last summer, Michael and I took a trip to North Carolina to move his teenage daughter to Ohio. While down there, we met up with some of Michael’s other friends. One guy, Steve, really liked the arrowhead pendants, but he wanted one with a monkey (that’s a story for another time!). So the search was on for an arrowhead with a monkey on it.

Knowing that the chances of find one were very slim, I thought the best course of action was to take a generic arrowhead and have a jeweler fasten a monkey it. I remembered seeing a generic arrowhead that was similar to ours, so I bought it, and then found a pair of handmade silver monkeys from Peru that were shaped like the Nazca monkey.

So I bought them and took them to a jeweler, and even though the picture doesn’t do it justice, the result was fabulous!

I sent it to Steve, and he loved it!

Steve made the comment that he was now part of our Tribe. And I got thinking about it, and he was right. We had inadvertently started our own little tribe. I mused about this a while when suddenly I was struck with the realization that the first names of everyone in the Tribe had the same first names as me and my brothers! Obviously, we were meant to know each other!

So now came the hard part: coming up with a name for the Tribe. All kinds of crazy things came to mind, but nothing that rolled off the tongue well or evoked a profound image of what we were trying to represent. I asked my guides in meditation, and the only word that was given to me was “gift.” So all kinds of “gift” names came to mind. However, in the Native American culture, the number four brings with it the symbolism of the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions which are sometimes referred to as the Four Winds. The Eagle represents the East; the Bear represents the West; although the Buffalo and Hummingbird typically represent the North, I figure the Wolf had to be North because that monkey is definitely South American!

After many days of pondering potential names, I was on an outing with my friends Tom and Lizzy, and Lizzy had me play a synchronicity game: walk into a library, pull a random book off the shelf, open it to a random page, and read a random sentence, and see if the sentence is relevant to something happening in my life right now. The book I pulled was called “The Four Winds.” The passage I read meant nothing to me; it was the title of the book itself that held relevance.

And that’s how we became the Tribe of the Four Winds.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I'm (presently) reading a book called
"Nine Kinds of Naked" by Tony Vigorito.

It is a fictitious story about synchronicity occurring in the lives of interconnected characters in the novel.This novel is destined to be a classsic.I've read 320 pages of the 400 so far and it is one of the best reads I have had for ages.In the novel there is a play on the word present as in "gift" and being present.Also presents and presence.So maybe this is what your guide means by the word "gift".
Maybe you should call this tribe "The Presence (or Presents/Gift/s) of the Four Winds"

Tony wrote this book by way of Synchronicity.You can read how it came about here (just copy and paste this link into your browser);

I even did a post about some of the syncs I've had involving this book on my blog called "Nine Kinds of Naked".
Sounds like a neat tribe you've got going.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"I have since learned, too, that my Power Animal is the Goose, and a representation of the Goose is the Arrowhead because geese fly in chevron patterns."

I was at a winery near where I live where Steve Winwood was doing a concert with Steely Dan,and when Steve was singing his big hit
"Higher Love",a flock of birds flew form behind the stage (but way up high in the sky) in a V pattern then seemed to merge into a heart shape before merging into the guitar shape (which I snapped on my cell phone camera).

You can see the picture here;

I thought they were ducks,but they may have been geese?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

The photos weren't working when I made those first two comments above,but now they are.That shade of blue in the first three arrowheads is my favourite shade of blue,and blue is my favourite colour.That's if I had to pick a favourite colour,that is.

A New Soul said...

Yeah it was weird because they were showing up on my screen but Ross told me they weren't there so I had to fix it. Ross appreciated your comments but he said he didn't get a chance to log in to respond... so on his behalf I will say thanks for reading. :)